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Jidan electronic toys built in 2004, and the main products include all kind of handheld game like brick, virtual pet, infrared pet, and icon game etc. Except these popular game, we do much effort to design and produce the OEM or ODM item accroding to client requirements.In 2005, we set up own wholesale store in GuangZhou to show our items and serve clients directly and conveniently.As company setup, we have developed the closest relationship with several factories who in charge of the whole assembly process. They are the foundtion of production. Another partner is the software design team responsible for the application and R&D of electronic system. With their cooperation, we can create and produce all the items required.We are a group conbiming the strength of market analysis, product design, programming, and manufacture. And we will offer the most various and competitive items to satisfy the market demand.We design and produce all kind of handheld game, and electronic toys. With our own engineer team, we can have different solution for your unique market segment, change music, graphics, even the operation process would be our competitive strength.
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Company : Jidan Electronic Toys
Address : Dong Xiao Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Code : 510220
Tel : 86-20-84496737
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