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Our company situates in Zhongshan which lies in the hinterland of Peal River Delta. Our company is a professional corporation, which produces and sells sphagnum, whose main operation is selling the material of gardening such as sphagnum, moss, mountain tongu, flower cup etc. At the help of the kindest effort of clients and the staff hard work, our company have been developing fast and earning the sustain and commendation of all the clients since established. Besides, our staff are professional, our products, quality is steady and classy and packing is varied. we also can produce products according to the requirements of clients, our products have been selling to nationwide place, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, America etc.
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Company : Zhongshan Green Phythm Gardening Corporation Limited
Address : Five Stars New Village, Torch Fire Exploiting District, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
Code : 528437
Tel : 86-13823924213
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