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About 30 engineers and about 50 experts who own the mould manufacturing experience more than ten years. We major in Injection Mould, Blowing Mould, Punching Mould and Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Mould of automobile instrument board, bumper color plant, heat dissipation fan, air-conditioner and other fittings of automobile and motorcycle. We also major in the moulds of washing machine, television and other daily necessities. We provide the moulds of fittings for Changchun First Vehicle Factory, Hafei Auto, Haier, Taiwan Dongyang etc. Annual output is 20 million yuan. Our products have been sold far to Japan, American, Syria, Egypt and other countries.Our company owns four machinery centers introduced from Taiwan, four numerical control threads cut machines, three electric pulse control machines, numerical control carving machine introduced from German, numerical control milling machine, drilling machine etc, accurate processing equipment, seven CAD/CAM workstations. The international advanced equipments and large quantities of young technological engineers have offered the relatable assurance for the Products' quality of our company, especially in processing the large-scale complicated moulds and small-scale accurate moulds. Our company especially in engaged the experts from Guangdong who specialize in the manufacturing of the small-scale mould.With the concept of keeping the improvement to create our own mould brand -- Jiacheng, Quality and Prestige is the first, short manufacturing cycle, delivery in time, wonderful service, gain-to-scale, all assure that we have enough strength during the market competition around the world."Give me a chance, we'll offer you the satisfaction. " is our consistent pursuit. Your smile is our aim. Let us go to the world together.
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Company : Zhejiang Huangyan Jiacheng Automobile Fittings Mould Co., Ltd.
Address : 890# West Road Of The Second Ring Road Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
Code : 318020
Tel : 86-576-4610988
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