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We are manufacturing and exporting toys and gifts in Shantou, China. The products which designed with prevailing and national characteres have catered to different customer`s individualized demands. The technical staffs in company are of flexible technic skill and sharp sense of touch put out the new products constantly. Meanswhile, also have the competent of making satisfied sample as per the customer`s requirement in time.Our company is according to borrowing the superior geographical position, flexibe management style, a group of vigorous and professional produce, marketing, design and managerial talent, alwanys in line with the principle of moderate price superior quality, service on sincere, has been supplying customers with varous kinds of satisfactory service as the principle.We have the very zest of expecting your visiting, and you are welcome to inquire our products.Your every message wil be te greatest motive to encourage us advance.
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Company : Shantou Lihuajie Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address : 201, 19 Buld., Bixia Grange Middle Zone, Shantou, Guangdong, China
Code : 515041
Tel : 86-754-8260310
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