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We are glad to write to establish business relations with you as a big manufacturer of various kinds of wooden toys and crafts from China.Our products are warmly welcomed by customers all around the world because they are both excellent in quality and reasonable in prices. Be partner of us, you will save a lot of money in getting the same quality products.Product details can be obtained from our on-line catalogue. Please send us your detail request by email or fax, we will give the reply to you as soon as possible.We also would like to make your products for yours, could you send us some samples so that we may make new samples for your checking our quality and prices?
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Company : Zhejiang Yunhe Dacheng Arts & Crafts Factory
Address : No. 25, Baishui Road, Yunhe, Zhejiang, China
Code : 323600
Tel : 86-578-5135509
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