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Zhen Peng Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhejiang province, former the Yunhe Zhen Peng Arts and Crafts Works, is located in the China Wooden Toy Center, at the beautiful south Zhejiang county - besides Yunhe manufacturing.The corporation now owns fixed essets of 60 million RMB Yuan, a staff member of over 1000 individuals, among them there are have more than 50 technology and managerment people, production capacity of over 150 Million Yuan every year, and a building area of 54,000 more square meters.We credit people with high quality, promote selling by developing new products. The corporation mainly produces wooden toys of more than 4,000 kinds, it includes the intelligent, block sets, puzzle set, vehicle sets, tool playsets, educationanal, pre-school toys, wooden promotional gifts of handcrafts etc.They are all exquisitely made of high quality wood, with advanced technique. The toys are exquisitely and movingly designed, with beautiful and generous outline, interesting, brilliant and touching yellow colour.The production quality well accorded with the American and European toy safety standars. We have certification of the ISO9000, and now we are testing the certification of the ISO 14000. The products quality all can pass the test of the EN-71 and ASTM. The products are selling far to countries and regions like the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, West European, Oceania, Hongkang and Taiwan etc. We have a good reputation and credit in customers at home and aborad.You are welcome to our company, be partners with us, we'll provide you the high quality and prompt price of the competitive price.
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Company : Yunhe Zhenpeng Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address : No. 8, Zhenpeng Building, The West Zhongshan Str., Yunhe, Zhejiang, China
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Tel : 86-578-5121923-8003
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