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The purpose of this prospectus is aimed to introduce our company in order to give general impressions to our valuable customers. The production premises of Quanzhou Gladpoint toy ltd. was founded in 1990 with a total investment of 1. 2 million U. S. dollars. Back to 1990 which were the starting year of our company and we made the wooden toys initially due to the superior geographical location. At the meantime, plastic toys have been considered to produce for the purpose of diversifying our products with different varieties so as to meet our customers' needs.For the sake of enhancement for our products range, pre-school toys, the education toys and the stuffing toys are currently launched with added-value features as well as modified the traditional productsOur factory plant is located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China which is away from the Xiamen International Airport 90 kms and it is approximately 45 minutes for driving. Giving more information, it is away 20 kms and 20 minutes driving time from the Domestic Airport.Our factory size is approximately 20 acres, i. e. 13, 200 square meters. It is a six-storeyed plant and each storey is 2, 500 square meters. We also provide a land and the area is approximately 3, 000 square meters which is an excellent place for the workers resting and relaxing after the work for their leisure time.
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Company : Quanzhou Gladpoint Toy Ltd.
Address : No. 4-7 Quanzhou Qingmeng Scientific Technological Industrial Area, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Code : 362000
Tel : 86-595-22498897
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