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Shanghai ChunXu Mould Industry Company, located in Shanghai city, P. R. China, professional in making rotational moulds made of Aluminum and molding plastic products of LLDPE or HDPE.Our product range includes:1, Aluminum mould used in rotational molding.We are the No. 1 ROTO-mould maker, supplying qualified aluminum ROTO-mould used to mold playground toys for exportation, and custom-design moulds for other ROTO-molding plants in China.2, Playground toys similar to Step2's and Chicco's, currently we have 11 items, and most of them are exported to Italy, Thailand, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Japan, and so on.3, Various plastic parts based on custom designs, including Air-blower shell, shipping case, tool case, petrol tank, flower planter, water tank, truck roof, stock case on car, golf equipment case, Kayaks, and speaker shell.Our technical ability is as follows:1, As a mould maker for nearly 10 years, especially good at sand-casting mould, Rotational mould and Injection mould.2, Obtain the ability to conduct full process in making mould with our processing center, CNC igniter, linear cutter, digital controlled miller, and so on.3, As a plastic molding plant, we can mold plastic products by Rotation, Injection.4, We have R&D department. They can deal with tech-drawings composed by Pro-engineer, CAD, Solid Works or in the format of PDF, JPG and so on.5, Generally, our lead time in making mould is 35 days. It varies per to design of mould.6, ROTO-molding OEM service. We have two roto-machines, one of them has three arms and each of which is of 2. 8 meters long and is able to mold products within 2. 5 meters long.7, We'd like to help assembling parts to a complete product based on our extremely competitive cost.It will be our pleasure to cooperate with you on your projects.
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Company : Shanghai Chunxu Roto-Mould & Molding Industry Company
Address : Rm. 1801, Shenhan Building(A), No. 1060 Jin Shajing Road, Shanghai, China
Code : 200062
Tel : 86-13061666683
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