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Zhejiang Taishun Zhenxing Toys Co., Ltd., member of Zhejiang Toys Association and China ToysAssociat- ion, is a stock Joint- ven-ture established in 1984, with an area of 6, 000 squares and export liscence authorised by state Foreign Ecnomic and Trade Ministry, it is a company producing specially various wooden toys for children, combining science, industry and trade.The company has very strong tech- nical staff and advanced mechanic processing equipments, producing mainly: Intellectually; ediational toys, makups, toy bricks, hexahed- ron picture, game chess, Domino wooden puipits, mini furnitures, Christmas fifts and resin products, sold pemernently to Britain, USA.Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong with the fine ctaf- tmansip, high quality, new atyle and wide range of specifications.Taking the importance of quality and credit, the compaany expands continuously in production and becomes one of the most advanced unit of foreign-exchanges earning unit, gainning more than $300. 000 per year and bcars the producing capacity of RMB 80, 000, 000.Wooden ProductsTaishun Zhenxing Toys co. , Ltd is specialized in the production and export of various kinds of wooden products. Including intelligence, educational, pull, blocks, labyrinth, domino, mikado, chess game, and all sorts of small furnitures, etc. The products are meticulously designed and processed by professionals and skilled workers. Mmade of selected materials, the products are valued for their stylish design, multifarious varieties and specifications, high safety standard, superior quality, and can be delivered on time.Meanwhile, we can also produce wooden products in special colours and designs, and processing against customer's own designs or models.Enquiries are warm welcome.
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Company : Zhejiang Taishun Zhenxing Toys Co., Ltd.
Address : No.109 Taishou Road, Taishun Zhejiang, China
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Tel : 86-577-67582610
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