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Specializing in developing, manufacturing and exporting poly resin arts & crafts with metal electroplating, wanyuan handicraft manufacting limited company not only has the strong R & D force and the advanced electroplate technology, but also has the high quality employees, who are scrupulous about every detail, tireless to innovate, aiming to be better.Wanyuan arts & crafts, combine the technology with the customers' demand, supplying you with various novel and exquisite Animal items, Indian items and Cow boy items, Angelic items, Abstract Art items etc, which apply to deluxe hotel, household decoration, gifts, awards etc.Our company always keep the Fame First, Quality First as the important condition of her existence. Welcome all the friends from all over the world to visit our company. Let us joint effects to developing the arts & crafts business.
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Company : Wanyuan Handicraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Address : Jinshang Industry Zone, Shishi, Fujian, China
Code : 362700
Tel : 86-595-88955636
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