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CASIL Research & Development Co. Ltd. is a wholly-owned organization under China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd-CASIL. Being CASIL's major shareholder, China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC) is a super-large enterprise in China that specializes in the research, development, manufacture and commercialization of space technologies and products (spacecraft, launch vehicles, satellites, etc.). We engage in the development, implementation and marketing of Hi-Tech electronic products and system application.Based in Hong Kong as the locomotive, CASIL R&D Co. Ltd. has set up its development centers in Beijing and Shenzhen. We have over one hundred staffs of whom over 60% are master or PHD degree holders. We have therefore built up a team of personnel with high quality and strong research capability.CASIL R&D Co. Ltd. has the utmost faith "in market as the drive, technology as the means, creation as the unique feature, victory as the target". The marketing strategies focus has diverted from OEM to ODM, from individual product development to system integration and from product sales to the provision of value added services. The company strives to develop a series of international advanced new products such as digital video broadcasting, electronic commerce, smart card application and medical devices. The rest include: digital multi-functional thermometer, digital voice recorders and electronic message frame. Our customers are widely spread to different countries including China, South East Asia, North America, Europe as well as other Middle-East countries.With the full support of its major shareholder CASC, CASIL will take the full advantages of Hong Kong's commercial environment and is endeavored to actualize, step by step, the goal of building up itself into virtual Hi-Tech company with scientific management, strong overall market competitiveness, high-quality strategic partnership, favourable investors' returns, and major profit yielding from satellite application and IT sectors.CASIL R&D Co. Ltd. welcomes co-operation and joint-venture in technology and trading with partners around the world and hopes to increase our joint effort in penetrating the global market.
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Company : CASIL Research & Development Co., Ltd.
Address : 1203-4, Conic Investment Bldg, 13 Hok Yuen Street, Hunghom, Kowloon, Hongkong, China
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Tel : 852-23563228
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