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Brief:Dadisports Goods is a Chinese manufacturer, which is the best in its field, all the products are high quality with a reasonbale price.Details:Our company is a professional baseball sporting goods supplier. Since itsfoundation, we have tried to develop our company into a multinational baseball gloves company with a constant spirit of enterprise and innovation. Now we can supply 500, 000 gloves per year. Now our products have already been sold to many countries and areas such as the United States, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. Our managing tenet is to sell our product with top quality and low price to generalize the baseball sport in the world, at the same time, we always carring on the machining business for some famous company, no, we are building our Brand -Dadi sports.
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Company : Dadi Sports Goods Co., Ltd.
Address : Zhuzhou, Hunan, China
Code : 412012
Tel : 86-733-8285539
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